Vote Llama - you know if makes sense!And today, as expected, the CILIP 2011 voting papers landed on many people’s doorsteps.  Rather gratifying to see quite lot of the twitter crowd who have already got their act together and voted (and if it was for me – thank you, a vote for me is a vote for change.  If you didn’t vote for me…  And if you’ve said you’ll rejoin CILIP if I get in – wow, you go girl/boy!). 

Given Phil’s recent comments on the CILIP AGM I do wonder how much of this election is going to hinge on the non-engaged-but-always-turn-up-to-AGMs-and-vote crowd (catchy eh?).  These are people to whom I can’t easily reach out to, and for whom my election statement and associaed Q&A in Update are going to be pretty much it.

I wonder how that makes me come across?  Reading some of the other candidates statements I am struck that some of them read a bit more like a job application.  Mine’s a bit more on the vision and the hopes than what has gone before (well I am standing on a shaking up the status quo futuristic ticket so I guess I had to), but I do wonder in terms of reaching out to the disengaged and the traditionalists if what I’ve done will click?

CILIP Circa 2012What I will say is if you are voting, think carefully when you cast your ballot.  This might well be the last chance saloon to drag CILIP kicking and screaming back into the superb membership organisation it deserves to be.  Without proactive and real action, I really seriously fear for it’s long term survival otherwise.

That said, if you’re in Birmingham come 16th November, there’s a live hustings event to which myself, Katy, Phil and hopefully some of the other candidates will appear live in debate.  Should be a fun evening out, and yes if you ask nicely I might bring some of my menagerie with me (whether or not I let them debate is another matter!).  A chance to stump, baffle and otherwise barrack us candidates (or if you’re more kindly inclined, to chat about your own hopes/fears/aspirations for the future of our professional society!)


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