Yes, that is a library in the background and no this isn't just an excuse to have a cheerleader on this blog to raise hits!Save the Library! Save the World!  Be a hero TODAY!

Sorry, what am I on about you may ask?  What I’m talking about is how to save time, money, resources and what have you in a modern educational library kind of environment.  Yes, yes I could go off to the literature but what I want are real world examples from real world librarians, shambrarians and allied workers.


Ah, that’s because I’ve been asked to pop up at a forthcoming JISC event (JISC Information Environment Programme 2011, April 7th Aston University), alongside various series heads and senior bods to talk about ways to…well make our libraries run sweet as a nut in a reduced cost kinda way. Now other speakers will be sharing their experiences from their (doubtless pricy) projects. What JISC has tasked me with (for the price of a return class ticket to Brum) is to nudge you – the Web 2.0 enabled librarian community to share with me your stories, ideas, concepts and solutions.

And as always – I’m as interested in what DIDN’T work as in what did or could work. I’ll be trying to see in some respects if we, the humble common or garden ordinary library professional, can help shape the rarefied and exulted thinking and strategizing of service heads.  And I’d hope to have some real left-field ideas, far removed from the typical reduce hours/staff sort of solutions!

So come on, this is a chance to land YOUR great idea in the heads of people who can actually make it a reality. Email them to me, tweet them, tell me in person or write them on the back of an envelope. I don’t care how they get to me – just get them to me.  And I will of course summarise them all, with appropriate credits for all contributions.  And if you’re very, very lucky – I might persuade Prof Weasel to do a video run down of the best ones!

The Future of Higher Education Libraries?Because otherwise I’ll be there next month in Birmingham telling them simply my ideas on how to run an efficient, and effective modern library. And do you really want the whole educational library landscape llamaformed????

The choice is in your hands!


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