It may well have escaped your notice, but this month I’m trying something a bit new in the video realm.  An interactive daily experiment where my goal is to produce 31 videos, one for every day of the month, featuring the whole of my talented cast.  And they’re utterly unscripted or planned too.  I’ve been inviting people to post questions or topics for discussion over on Facebook for a while, and obviously in the comments on YouTube; hence I’m not quite sure from day-to-day what we’ll be tackling.

And given they’re unplanned not quite sure how the cast are going to react!

I’m doing it for a couple of reasons.  Firstly to see if I can do it.  Those of you whom know me well, know that this is the sort of thing I like.  I’d never done a Marathon before, but when someone asked me to do one this year I went “Yes” straight away (my feet have just about recovered now).  Likewise growing the tache or going vegetarian for a month.  I like meeting a challenge. 

Secondly I think, a bit like my social media holiday, it’s good to shake things up from time to time.  I’ve been making videos for almost 5 years now and after a while you start to feel trapped by a formula of your own devising.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the way most (not all) of my videos turn out – but various people have said to me over the years that some of my best material doesn’t get on-screen because I script, revise and redraft before I film.  So having a chance to do it raw, and effectively live, is a challenge and something creative and new for me.

All the same I’ll be glad come Nov 1st and can sit back and start preparing this year’s Christmas special.  I will still be working on other videos in this time (at weekends only I suspect) so there may be one or two extras – but they’ll be more of the scripted variety.

So please keep watching the videos, posing questions and encouraging me.  Or you might find come 31st October the videos consist entirely of Randy screaming at the camera “Let it end!!! Just let it f*****g end!!!!”


2 thoughts on “Daily

  1. Do you like the new series of Doctor Who? are you a fan of Colin Baker?(an old doctor) because on sunday the 23rd of October there is a visit from him and the actress who plays Ace and Perri in Durham someware.
    I have a Bear (called Cuthbert) who builds rockets and a Gorrila (Tumba) who is in charge of green and re-cycling issues – does the Wheasel or the Goose have any other roles in life (when they are not acting or directing?) My Form and ICT teacher has a 2005 Darlek and a Tardis in his room, he runs a Dr Who club, teaches Maths, science, ICT, Design Tech through Dr Who – can Dr Wheasel teach maths? (Clare Forsythe – Fiona’s 11 year old daughter) WHO SHOULD BE IN BED NOT WATCHING DR WHEASEL (says Mother)


    1. Hiya Clare 🙂 I’m a huge fan of both the modern and the classic series having grown up with Doctors from Tom Baker onwards. Colin Baker came to my school once (during his time as the Doctor) which was pretty cool for me! Ace is my Wife’s favourite (and in many regards her role model in life which is why I keep her away from explosives!!)

      The Weasel spends his off hours sitting on my sofa shouting at the television, especially if I make the mistake of leaving the new on. However, he is enjoying the Sarah Jane Adventures. The Goose on the other hand is more a fan of books and reading (he likes to think he is a librarian, but I suspect he’s making that up).

      Love the idea of Doctor Who club from a teacher! I must confess I have done Doctor Who videos that are designed to educate (working on one about Management the Dalek way at the moment – if only to make use of my Dalek collection.) – Gaz


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