It’s been a while since I’ve produced a educationally themed video, but the time seemed right.  I’ve been doing  a lot of Some Creative Caketeaching around rights, social media and in particular aspects of open licences like Creative Commons and the following video is probably a spin-off from that thinking.  It all stems from an off-hand remark I made about Creative Commons licenses (yes I know it’s spelt licences in British, but that’s how CC spells it) being made up of about four of ingredients.

Cakes are made up of about four ingredients (flour, fat, eggs and sugar) as well, and hence my brain made the slight leap to think “So can I explain the different Creative Commons licenses as though they were in fact kinds of cake?”

It’s probably the first time I’ve baked props, and the first time Mrs Llama’s been fed as a result of my film making.  Anyway please enjoy, reuse, attribute and share the following.  And if you like what you see (or heaven help me) want to see more like this, drop me a line!


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