I was reading a post by my old sparing partner SmilyLibrarian this morning on there not being sufficent awards out there, unless you fit into a specific box.  And I agree – and as such I shall be presenting throughout 2012 a weekly* award to the best blog posting I read of the week.  If nothing else it’ll drive some traffic to the myriad of blogs that I read on a daily basis in the 5seconds I have spare between meetings.

I suspect the august panel of me, Kooei and the Weasel will be quite hard to impress and in the last case easy to bribe!

As such the inaugural Weasel Prize for Excellence in Blogging (WPEB or the WPEBies if you like) goes to

Katy Wrathall for Thinking

I’ll mock up a nifty graphic in the next day or so for you all to enjoy!

*Provided I remember, and there’s something sufficently interesting.


4 thoughts on “Awards

  1. I suspect that, should @guardianstyle read this post, you will be in trouble. Only yesterday was he/she/it writing about latter being the second of TWO, more than two you should use LAST.
    That’s my pedantic proof-reader work for today complete.


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