As most folks who know me well will be aware of by now, I’ve been making some pretty major changes in recent months.  I’ve gave up my job to become a full time house husband, cook and home renovator (some of which you can read about on my other blog).  Change is good for the soul, mind and body and I feel so much happier now than I did even a couple of months ago.

Of course I didn’t plan to continue being full-time on the house forever (well unless we won the EuroMillions in which case all bets would be off) and was still scouting for work.  But what came my way wasn’t quite what I expected at all, but I couldn’t be more excited.

Late one Saturday evening in mid July my Wife spotted a PhD studentship.  It looked like I fitted their criteria, the only snag – the deadline was that Friday and I not only had to apply, I also had to create a research proposal as well.  I essentially wrote the whole thing the following day, although I spent the rest of the week tweaking it and then got it submitted just in time (by which hangs a long tale I may tell one day).

Mrs Llama thought it was among the best research proposals she’d ever read (and she’s read quite a few), and that I should have a strong chance at getting an interview.  I was less sure; having submitted many a job application in recent months where the application and candidate match were really strong – only to not even gain an interview.  On this occasion it seemed Mrs Llama was right as I got an interview, coincidentally on the first day after my contract officially ended at Leicester.  

And the morning after that I got the offer of a fully funded studentship.

And thus the point of this post.  As i’m not going to be working or indeed researching in any field related to libraries any more; I need to think about a new name for this blog.  I intend to keep it going to chart my progress through the doubtless choppy, exiting, terrifying and new waters ahead – but “Llibrarian Leanings” it won’t be.

I’m still thinking it over, but I’d certainly welcome any suggestions!


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