Thankfully not too much of thisTwo things I learned today. Enrolment is spelt like that – not “enrolement” like I keep trying to type, and that the Graduate School staff at my soon-to-be-university couldn’t be more helpful and efficent.  Something that stirkes me as a big change to dealing with them professionally at a previous employer!  It was certainly quite exciting at the end of last week to receive my student number and enrolment instructions, with the only snag being about proving a signed letter on headed paper from my sponsor.  On two counts this raised an eyebrow.  Firstly all dealings with my sponsor have been at arms length via the University.  Secondly all dealings (save the contract letter) have been electronic; but I guess a spot of paper still plays its role.

I don’t kick off until the 28th September with my induction day, and then the 1st October is my start day so things will really get going from the end of next week.  It is slightly scary to be going back to be a mature student some 15 years after I last left higher education as a post-graduate.  On the other hand given I’ve been working in HE pretty much since then the environment is going to be one I’m fairly familiar with.  I think the biggest question I’ve got currently is “So, just how many places and services will I be able to get a student discount on now?”


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