Counting down to P-DayIt all kicks off on Friday in the middle of Nottingham.  And clearly my subconscious has finally cottoned on that big changes are afoot as I’ve had anxiety dreams for the last couple of days.  Last night’s was a doozy as I appeared to have moved back to the ratty student house I lived in during my last year at Sheffield.  *shudders*  Awake though I’m actually none too bothered by it all.  Sure I have questions about getting a parking permit sorted out, what do I do first after the induction day and do I get anything resembling office space.  Frankly I’ll deal with those as I come to them.  I am hoping I’ll be able to telecommute a day or two a week as that’ll keep costs down, let the chickens have a better run in the garden and let me a little work on the house in the evenings.  But that said, if that’s not the case it’s not going to be the end of the world.

I did a practice run to my Clifton campus last week.  15 miles door to door, and mostly down country lanes.  That’ll make a pleasant change to the traffic hell of driving around the centre of Leicester every waking day.  To be honest one of the reasons I left working at Leicester was the commute.  A combination of abysmal traffic control (Leicester I heard once has more traffic lights than the WHOLE of Lincolnshire – and none of them are phased right) and really pushy drivers.  Okay it was never London pushy, but I noticed over the four years I was there that my driving has certainly got…more assertive shall we say.

Of course that might still be my experience on my chosen route to my campus, but at least it’ll be a new experience!

Most importantly I’ve sorted out my school bag and pencil-case for the big day, and charged up all my electronic kit.  Hell, I even rebuild the O/S on my netbook yesterday to give myself something to type on during day one; although I suspect I might need something a bit more powerful and portable to work on the rest of the time.  Roll on Friday…


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