Google Plus Sucks

As readers know I’ve been an avid creator of YouTube content for over 5 years, and the site’s served me well.  Today when I was trying to reply to a comment on one of my videos I had to authorise my account…and discovered that Google (aka The New Evil Empire of the Internet) required me to re-create my G+ account that I’d killed off months ago.  I don’t like Google Plus, and the fact that other people can add you to their circles – you get no choice in the matter.  On Facebook or Twitter I have the choice of whom I interact with, on Google Plus ANYONE can add me.  I do not want, like, desire or wish that.

This is the goat that Google plus blowsSo I did what I did last time, logged into G+ and selected the option to just kill off the G+ feature without losing my other Google profiles.  Done, and with a terse bit of feedback sent to Google Command about their service once more.  Then I log into YouTube…and find all my videos have now been set to Private because I no longer have a G+ account.

Way to basically f*** up a great service Google.  So I have had to reactivate my G+ account just to keep on using YouTube.  If you think Facebook or Microsoft are evil, these days they’ve got nothing on Google or won’t be happy until they strong arm everyone on the planet into having a G+ account – and then they can say they’ve got the biggest social network around.  Frankly I’ve never felt more like just deleting my whole Google existance all together at this point and migrating elsewhere – too much in one pot is not a good thing.

Oh, and despite having reactivated G+ my YouTube channel settings remain broken.  *sigh* Unimpressed in the extreme.

Thankfully I have found a solution to the unwanted intrusion of G+ circles – I’ve simply blocked every single person who added me to one, and I’ll keep using the block key with gay abandon after this.

Shame on you Google, shame!!!!



3 thoughts on “Google Plus Sucks

    1. I do wonder if they’re drifting off the mark with that motto and into “No, do Evil!”. I like my buffers between some of my social spaces – even if I do use the same handle across them!

      Was thinking that being forced into using G+ because I use other google services is a bit like opening a savings account at a bank, and discovering they’ve given you a mortgage too. Sure it might be useful one day, but right now I don’t want this “extra” service.


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