Riding that Roller-coaster Again


Mostly a day off after my birthday (realised I’ve not actually had a day off since late September!) – driving back from Warwick, although I popped into campus to pick up 5 books on critical management and organizational theory.  Or organisation theory if you prefer, UK folks.  No emails.


A rollicking good read in places, a bit daft in others
Cracking the ethnography and organisational theory books big time.  Read the last two thirds of my second ethnography book (interesting clear examples of research in practice, not 100% sure it’s quite what I needed).  Post lunch into a thick (500 odd page) organisational research and theory book – which was heavy, heavy going.  Didn’t like the page layout (honestly WHO uses two column pages?!?!  Is this the 19th Century )  And for a multi-author book I kept hoping against hope that each subsequent chapter would be written by someone who actually wanted to convey knowledge   Sadly hopes dashed, so that when Mrs Llama reappeared just before 6pm, my head was slumped over the book.  Not looking forward to going back to it tomorrow.

Guess what my brother bought me?Highlight of the day was the arrival of a massive parcel from my brother containing my birthday present…which you can see me wearing over on the right. Squark!

And late evening an interesting proposal from my supervisor…which I can’t talk about just yet.  We shall see where this one goes!


My battle with the organisational studies book continued.  Thankfully there were some better chapters, written in a more accessible style.   All the same I was glad when the end of the day came.  Only 125 pages to go (which at the speed I’ve been reading it will take about three hours of concentration to get through).  Got feedback from my first mini-assignment which was positive; although considering the word limit was 150 words and the feedback around 300 I did think the tutor was slightly taking the piss.  Next time I’ll write him a tweet length reflection instead!

So warm and inviting isn't it?The plasterer was supposed to be in today, so I’d planned to work up stairs, but he cancelled so I had the run of the living room all day.

The bleak, bleak, cold living room.


Thick and satisfying in parts
Finally climbed over mount organisational studies book, although it took me all morning and a bit of time after lunch.  I have managed to make at least four or so pages of notes and key quotes from it, so the time has been usefully spent; certainly I’ve some much better phraseology for writing the theory and method parts of my research proposal.  I can even understand the flaws in my thinking in the previous version, that my supervisors point out last week.  Making of sense of what I’m going to do, why and how is still the thing that keeps me awake at nights though.

I say post-lunch, but actually I had a medical appointment so had to head out for a couple of hours up to Nottingham so they could jab me with needles and the like.  Good news, I have blood still which is always a relief.  I even dragged my copy of Beginning Theory to the waiting room (on the grounds that the tedium of its contents would act as a mild anaesthesia.  As it was I was barely waiting any time at all, so sadly didn’t have any chance to read more than a page about post-modernism.  At this rate I’ll be reading this as my bed-side book, and since I finished Changes: The Dresden Files just before midnight, I’m now in need of something to read late night.  Not sure I’m allowed to order a book for pleasure this close to Christmas, but I doubt anyone will buy me Ghost Story so maybe I should just get it bought…

Lunch, if you’re interested, turned into two slices of toast and paté around 3pm.


Now replastered and emptyAnd after a week of hard frost and ice that just wouldn’t melt, today it’s grim outside and raining.  Not to mention a tropical 7degsC outside.  Almost shorts weather!  And the plasterer is here, so today is going to be mostly spent typing up my notes on all the books I’ve read in the past week or so, along with going back over my notes and highlighting key things in them.  I’m also going to start work on a timeline of events related to open access, A2K and the intellectual commons.  Various dates have popped up in my reading, but I thought putting them all together in a time-bound way might give me some sort of useful insight.  If all else fails it’ll make a useful coda to the literature review chapter in the thesis; and my supervisor agreed with me.

I also need to update my personal glossary.  It’s been handy having this to hand when I hit some unusual terms that have yet to become familiar (although I used positivism yesterday in a casual conversation with Mrs Llama so there’s hope).  Might be a while before hermeneutics just rolls off the tongue though.  Phrase of the week: fissiparous (runner up synecdoche)  – 10 bonus llama points if you can get either of them into scrabble over the weekend!  Mid-morning, and my best friend (librarian and all round good egg) highlighted this (working) 1960s version of Google. Nice!

Evening: Well the plasterer’s gone and left me with a very nice and smooth (if damp and cold) dining area, which will get decorated over Christmas.  It has been rather hard to concentrate on work today so I’ve made rather slower progress than I might have hoped.  Note to self, Mrs Llama can work at home when we have the other end of the room plastered in the new year.  You’ll be pleased to know he didn’t ask me what I did for a living this time – other than remembering that it was “Something to do with Art“, although he did ask me about football – oh dear.  The following pretty much sums up myself and the world of footing the ball…

Right, only one week of full on work to go this year, though I think I’ll probably endeavour to re-read some of my texts over the Christmas period to make sure it doesn’t all go stale on me come the 2nd of Jan.  But I think I’ll sign off this week right about here.  And think about clearing up the mess downstairs.


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