What I read in 2012

Regular readers of the blog will probably have gained a flavour of what I’ve been reading in support of my PhD studies.  Every time I read anything thoroughly enough to make notes, I add it to my reference manager database and write a short article on its contents, relevance and what have you.  I also tag it with keywords.  Some of these come from the keywords in the book or article, but I tend to go beyond that and add in other key terms that stand out to me as either core themes or areas of especial interest/relevance to me.

For interest I thought I’d spend some time today creating a Wordle of these terms (a graphical representation of words, where the larger the term in the image, the more regularly it appears).  It’s been a useful reflective exercise on one hand, and on the other it has allowed me to spot a few typos that I’ve been able to tidy up.  Unfortunately as far as I can tell, RefWorks doesn’t let you do an export of these terms, so I’ve had to screen-scrape and edit by hand.  Hence the ability to proof read them all a little!

Anyway, without any more ado – here is a representation of what I’ve been reading about!

PhD Wordle

Created at Wordle.net

There are a handful other books/papers not as of yet represented (I ran out of time pre-Xmas to add them to the database) but I think this does give a pretty fair idea of my current research interests.  Perhaps a little surprising that repositories don’t feature more, but then as I’ve been broadening the scope of my interests beyond open access I shouldn’t be too shocked.

I do wonder what the shape of my word cloud will be like this time next year…


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