Welcoming 2013

Happy New Year readers old and new, here’s to an engaging and illuminating 2013.  If this is your first time, welcome!  If you’re an old reader, then welcome back – and thanks for sticking with me.  Over the coming year I’ll be hopefully continuing to detail my experiences and exploits as I continue on with my work towards a (hopeful) PhD in the field of Arts and Humanities; which as a former scientist is a bit of a challenge!  I link to various books I read on here on Amazon, and if you happen to buy any – I think I get like 10p as a kickback (which will then be spent on more books…), so do click away on the covers if you’re so inclined!

The New Year

There's common wealth to be had you see
Well it turned out that Mrs Llama wasn’t keen on me working on Christmas Eve, though I did sneak in an hour or so tidying up some notes and references over the vacation   I found it very hard to relax over the Christmas period.  Unlike a job when you’re on vacation, you’re on vacation   But with this PhD since I currently work mostly from home using textual materials, there’s not a lot really stopping me from cracking on with my studies.  However, Mrs Llama insisted that I take the time to try and recoup some energy.  She keeps saying I look mentally exhausted at the end of each week – and she’s perhaps not so far off the mark on this one, as certainly my enthusiasm for doing much else other than studying, eating and sleeping is pretty much nuked at the moment.  Not all the time, but perhaps a bit more than I initially expected it would be.  That said it could just be a consequence of the foul weather we’ve had over the Christmas period, though thankfully today I’m typing these words in a shaft of sunshine (two days in a row of sun, lovely!)

In the first week of the new year I kicked off slowly on the Thursday and Friday of the week, writing up the papers I read just before Christmas as well as updating my glossary.  Still not happy that I’ve really got my head around the concept of biopolitics (or at least as it applied in the book Commonwealth) but perhaps it’ll become clearer in time.


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