Still Waiting on Spring

It was the 3rd Ed I was read
A gentle return to work post Easter, and nursing a poorly Mrs Llama after a hospital visit.  As a result I didn’t really return to my studies until Thursday this week, when I spent the day reading about focus groups.  I actually read this book for the first time a few years and 4 jobs ago, and I remember thinking at the time that it was a pretty straight forward and well written practical account of how to arrange and use them.  Having now re-read it, I can agree with my earlier assessment; with the added bonus that the book was a lot easier to read than some of the other methods material I’ve read of late.  I’m still wondering over the issue as to how I’ll ever manage to recruit enough people to come to my handful of proposed focus groups, but as my work plan says “the methodologies used may evolve to meet the uncertain challenges of mapping this field”.

Same authors, earlier version of this book
Friday I spent reading a book on qualitative interviewing techniques.  I’d hoped to get through the book in a day, but as I ended up taking a whole lot of notes – and thinking about my scoping interviews – didn’t quite make it.  Might have come closer if Mrs Llama hadn’t barged into my office at 5pm demanding I stop work for the weekend.  It’s a bit rich, as when she’s at work she often works late – it seems while she’s still at home somehow she feels she can dictate my hours!

That said, plan to go and work on campus a bit next week to give her the house to herself, and me the option to work to my own timetable.


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