I Want to Talk To You!

Your Llama Needs You!!!I’ve reached the part of my research where I need to start talking to other people about it.  Or rather I need to start finding out more about aspects of it from people working on the open scholarly communications shop floor.

Unsurprisingly for those of you who know me (or have been following my career* avidly) I’m focusing in part on academics and their attitudes to open scholarly communication. In particular I’m interested in how different kinds of institutional or disciplinary cultures might be shaping these responses.

As part of the early work toward this I’m doing a little bit of scoping work at the moment.  This is in preparation for my field work in the coming months/years.  I’ve some ideas from my own experience and the literature, but I really need to put some flesh on the bones of this.

What I Need

Thus, my supervisors and I agree that I’ll really benefit from being able to briefly pick the brains of people who are currently working directly with matters of open scholarly communication at every university (!) in the UK.  Only one person from each ideally, which I suspect will be someone like the repository manager or research support staff, but I’d rather have too many people offering than no one.  If this isn’t you, but you think you know who it might be – could you pass this post along to them, I’d appreciate that.

It is very much exploratory work, concerned with capturing aspects of the institutional cultural Zeitgeist, thus my interests are focussed on informed opinions more than the information that I could access on  institutional webpages.

[Update: May 2013: I’ve spoken to a good couple of dozen institutions – but I’m still eager for more.  Don’t be shy, even if you’re not doing much with open access, I’m still really interested in hearing from you!]

Contact Me

So, if you’ve got a kind heart and 5-10 minutes to spare on the phone sometime soon, I’d really appreciate having a chat (Skype or landline) with you.  Leave me a comment, contact me on twitter or send me an email.  Thanks!

All conversations will be treated within the normal research ethics envelope, with attribution or anonymity as appropriate.

*So, my mother and Mrs Llama then


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