Lacking Some Structure


Was a Bank Holiday and the weather was nice, so I worked on the house and the garden.  Nothing terrible happened for once, which made a chance for recent weeks.


Found it hard to get back into work – not helped by the weather having shifted from on-set of summer, straight back to depths of winter with rain cascading down from the sky.  Mrs Llama had the day off so I decided the best thing to do was hide in my office and crack on with some more transcriptions.  This week is the first in a long, long time when there’s nothing in my diary other than working on the research.  It won’t last as I’m about to mail a bunch of folks to set up some more interviews, but in the meantime I have the slightly tricky task of finally just organising my own time – and no excuse for not performing.

Spent the day transcribing and sending out requests for interviews to various contacts up and down the country.  Writing emails takes ages but I’m not a fan of cold calling people for interview requests.  I certainly wouldn’t be too keen if people did it to me.  On the other hand I’ve had some wonderful replies (and some gossip) as a result of them, so the effort feels well worth it.  On top of that I’ve been invited to an open access thing at NTU on Thursday, so looks like I will have to wear socks at least one day this week!


Looking for a few good theories
Looking for a few good theories

Spent the morning reading a couple of papers, conducting the first of my new batch of interviews and then transcribing it straight away (going to make myself be more disciplined with writing up faster now!).  After lunch I did battle with a book on social theory on what seems like my endless quest to get some strong theoretical underpinnings in my research.  Hard going read, but illuminating contents – so perhaps the quest might have an end (just not any time soon).


Earlyish start as I’d been invited along to a meeting in the College of Business, Law and Management about open access by an academic who saw my poster.  Interesting session, which I treated as a chance to practice some ethnomethodology participant observation.  The session was delivered by the two college librarians who were unaware of the fly in the room doing his little bit of observation, though true to my ethics I introduced myself and discussed some of my perceptions.  I also (I think) managed to score an interview with their boss about NTU and open access, which was almost worth the trip.  Chatting to the academics as well was worthwhile, and certainly a change from the Arts and Humanities folks I’ve been interacting with here to date.  Let’s see if I can’t get myself embedded in a few more depts over the next few years.


Spent the day finishing off reading the social theories book, which got really good in some places and I’m feeling a bit more confident about theory and a lot more demystified on some topics.  That said, I’ll still need to read a fair few more books on the subject before I’m anywhere close to being happy on the subject of theory.  I also slotted in some more transcription and setting up more interviews for the next few weeks.  And since today is my 10th wedding anniversary (and it’s now 6.10pm) I better put off doing any more work, or writing any more on this blog and go off and see what Mrs Llama is up to right now!


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