Overwhelmed and Overwhelming

Everyone having a great summer so far?  Fab.

Thought I’d skip the epistolary style for a week, which has nothing to do with the fact that I reached Thursday this week and hadn’t had the time and energy to type anything up.  This week’s been a mix of a couple of interviews, trying to get on top on transcription and trying to read more on political economy and HE.  It’s also been a week where following the loss of our last chicken (sob) I’ve had more alone time than ever to reflect on how things are going on the PhD.

It’s now month 10 and I thought by now that I’d be perhaps just about picking up the pace a little.  As it is I’m already beginning to worry about fitting into the 3-4 years everything I need to do.  On paper it all looks very doable still, but then I think about the first round of interviews which have stretched back over the past 3 months.  That’s a large chunk of time, and while I’m happy with the results the fact that I’ve yet to do a thorough analysis on the outputs is niggling me for sure.  Then I think about how long it’s going to take to arrange the next set of interviews, oh and plan out the questions, and I get a bit worried.  Everything just seems to be taking more time than I anticipated.

Back before we had a summer I planned out the next four months.  I’m well behind in where I wanted to be – I’d hoped to have drafted my first chapter by now, but I’m really only just getting into the reading.  A large part of the problem was that as the uni lacked the books I needed I had to either buy or ILL them, wait for them to arrive and then find a suitable time to do the 30mile round trip to pick them up.  That probably cost me the best part of two weeks delay.  A delay that I used to do interviews sure, but I’m not sure what my supervisors will say about progress when we next speak.

Not that we have spoken for well over two months.  I know I need to organise a meeting but feel like I need to generate at least some concrete progress before we do.  I am hoping next weeks Repository Fringe conference might help me take stock a little, as it’ll be the longest I’ve taken away from my studies since I started.  And perhaps in that is part of the problem.  Due to the Wife and I’s current situation as I’ve mentioned any kind of holiday this year is off the books, and a staycation would just find me walking around all the places I work in the week and fretting about lost time.  So I’ve decided that taking some time away is a much needed thing for the good of my mental health, and I’ve managed to persuade myself that a 5 day camping/LARPing trip at the end of August is the perfect time to take it!

In the meantime – here’s some light relief…

How to fix openness in academic discourse
How to fix openness in academic discourse

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