Beyond the Fringe


After last week’s conference and then getting back here to turn the house around in time for a (slightly soggy) all comers BBQ on Sunday, I was more than a little shell-shocked today.  A rash of transcriptions, a bit of email exchanged and generally a thought that I need to sit down and plan out the rest of this week better tomorrow when my brains are working a bit better.

I did also write a couple of blog pieces about the Repository Fringe, one for the official blog and one longer and a more rambling one for this blog.  I also need to write up my repository Fringe workshop as well, but I think that’s a task for later in the week rather than today.


Oh the places I've been...well interviewed anyway
Oh the places I’ve been…well interviewed anyway

After yesterday feeling a bit spasmodic and random in terms of planned work I spent some time today thinking about what I wanted to achieve this week.  First up I did something I’ve been slightly putting off, which was dropping a line to my supervisors for where I am with my work.  I had hoped to be able to present them with a bit more of a polished bit of research by now, but if there’s been one lesson of the past three months it’s that field work takes a lot more time than you anticipate!  Certainly in my efforts to be more inclusive, I have in part made a rod for my own back, but at the same time I don’t feel I can do a shoddy, second rate piece of research.  Above all the various high jumps and hurdles I need to get over, I need to be able to defend it to myself as something that I believe is sufficiently scholarly and in depth!

I shall await their reply with interest, especially since I really need to pick their brains on some of my next bits of work before I dive back into them.  As we’ve not seen each other in the flesh since June, it’s probably about time!

Having done that most of the day was spent transcribing.  Managed to get into the last of my phase one interviews by 6.30pm when I decided I really ought to finish and call it a day.  While I’m planning tomorrow as a study and writing day, I might see if I can just squeeze in the last hour I need to finish writing this up somewhere.  It’ll be a grand relief to be finished with that bit (at least for now).

As part of my write up I updated my spreadsheet of contacts approached and where I was/wasn’t successful in nailing an interview.  After seeing the UK Repository Net+ map of the UK last week, I thought it’d be useful to graphically plot this information as much for my own benefit, but I suppose I could include it in the thesis for information.  Pleased to say I’ve managed to nail interviews pretty much across the whole of the UK (although anywhere north of Dundee was a bit of a bust it seems).


The board is clear.

Now that might not seem much, but for me the whiteboard in my home office has been a looming presence for the past three months.  On it I’ve tracked the interviews I’ve done that are pending being written up.  Three weeks ago there were about 30.  As of today I’ve finally wiped the last one off (78, not the last interview but the last one I ended up transcribing).  I’ve made as much of a game of it as I could, tackled a longer interview before treating myself to a short 13 minuter.  On average they’ve mostly fallen into the 12-16 minute range (extreme values being 9m07s to 59m07s), and they’ve all been very much worthwhile.

Of course now I have a huge pile of data to work with.  But for this moment at least I’m going to celebrate coming to the end of one phase of this work.  Huzzah.

Other than that I had to head to university to hand back my ILL book.  Which somehow managed to nuke half my work mojo today, so I haven’t got done nearly as much as I hoped.  At least with the transcriptions out of the way, the rest of the week can be spent nose first reading and writing this damned first chapter of the thesis.


Another day feeling worn out, but was spent doing some more reading and planning towards this thesis chapter.  Doesn’t make for the most thrilling entries.  I also finally got my act together to write up the workshop from last Thursday on the Utopian Open Access Future.  It’s not the best piece I’ve written, and in many respects is pretty much a first draft of a decent article.  But it’s good enough to blog in terms of capturing a feeling of what was discussed.  Hopefully it should appear on the relevant blog sometime early next week.


Exhausted.  Just totally wiped out.  So the Wife made me take the day off.  Love to report I felt a lot better for it, but I just feel the need to sleep and sleep and sleep.  Honestly, it’s like I was a student all over again…