Three for One Triweekly Wrap Up

As I mentioned in an earlier post my energy’s been flagging a bit of late – so I’ve pulled back from spending too much on the blog for a while.  Which is just as well as was away LARPing for a few days during this period as well (yes, officially the nearest thing I get to a holiday this year) but thought all the same I’d write a post to just briefly cover what I’ve been up to.

  • Supervisor meeting: Having arranged a meeting with my (currently) holidaying supervisors for the first working day in September I’m feeling a bit more under the hammer to produce the results.  I’m hoping to pick their brains on analysis and the next phase of my field work.  It’ll just be good to slightly reconnect with university life, as this working away from campus 95% of the time sometimes feels like being trapped in your own house!
  • Phase 1: Having finally fished the transcripts of the interviews recently, I’ve also finished a light touch analysis pass on them all as well.  This, like most things, took longer than I expected.  Holding off doing any detailed analysis until I can talk this over my supervisors and get their steer on it.  33hrs26mins of audio recorded and stored for the record!  That said had another offer of an interview this week so perhaps that figure will grow slightly, but still think I’ll draw a line under this phase then, in terms of data collection.
  • Marketization and HE: Doing  a lot of reading and a little writing on this.  Okay, more than a little writing but right now to call it an assemblage of words in no particular order would be about right.  It’s going to take a LOT of focus to bring this one together coherently.  I’ve no worries I can do it, but suspect there’s going to be a whole heap of blood, sweat and tears before I get there.
  • Political Economics: I’ve also been trying to read around more on this subject.  Mrs Llama says my every other word is now “neoliberal” or some variant therein of.  And my mother thinks I’m now studying a political degree, which to some degrees (no pun intended) I am right now.
  • FUD: Getting a lot of this right now (and my thanks to Chris Keene for introducing me to the phrase) and a fair amount of Impostor Syndrome too.  Think the summer of disconnect with the University and academic life is beginning to gnaw at me a bit.  Hoping September is a better month confidence wise.
  • Life in general: Not great, I’ve been under the weather, Mrs Llama’s been under the weather, and my father’s been given 2-4 months to live.  And we still don’t know where we’ll be living over the next year, given Mrs Llama’s on going lack of delight with her new employer.  However, in the last few days I appear to have found a shred of optimism and enthusiasm for a few things that’s been lacking of late.  That’s good, I could stand to use some.
  • Acronym of the week: Has to be TINA.  Wish I’d used this in my management days to face down some of my staff when they were vacillating over potential decisions.  Although, I don’t think it’s really me.