What a Difference a Day Makes


A semi-productive day, which I wasted half of having to deal with a neighbourhood issue that’s got nothing to do with my research.  Thankfully Mrs Llama was here, and did all the hard work, but it’s left me a bit emotionally burned out.  Coupled with an hour long round trip to campus to get my end of year report signed off by my co-supervisor (who didn’t make it in), and you have a day that was more than a little frustrating on many levels.

Ended up writing one of the two conference abstracts I’m putting in for 2014.  Hopefully one or both of them might get accepted, as I’d really like to get out and start talking about my research more.

Oh and Mrs Llama made a brave, brave decision today that’s going to seriously affect us both.  But I’m 101% behind her here.


Mostly productive day (though with more unwanted and irksome “neighbourly” interruptions) during which I finished the edits to the chapter.  Now I just need to go through and try and condense down a bit more and then I can send it to my supervisors.  At least that’s what I hope I can do, as I am already sick to the hind teeth with it.  A sensation I know will doubtless become familiar as I start work on the next chapter(s).

Also finally heard from HR who are ready to sort my contract out for my teaching…a month after I started work.  I’m hopeful this means I’ll be able to get paid, and intrigued that the contract duration is “permanent”. Does this mean I can keep in regular employ for the next year?  Given what Mrs Llama did yesterday (quit her job as it’s been just so far beyond tolerable as to make you physically sick), we’re going to need every penny we can get in the next few months.


Lecture day so on campus earlyish to attend.  All very interesting looking at attitudes and persuasion.  Really glad I’m taking this module, even if I’m only sitting in the room and listening (whilst thinking “How will I teach this in the seminar?”).  Some of the stuff we covered wasn’t new to me, but some was.  More valuable some of it I think I’ll need to come back to explore further for my own research.  Now that’s value for money!

Came home and tried to ignore the neighbour and his chainsaw and edit.  Wasn’t easy.


On strike!  Well actually I’m not on strike, but as the union is and my tutorial has been cancelled went to see mum in Stockport for the day.  As it was her birthday, this was rather convenient.  Could the union always strike on 31st October please?


New month and I feel like I’ve been editing this chapter since the dawn of time.  Still for a bit of a change I went in to sit in the bonus course tutorial.  It had shifted to a large hall to allow all the students who missed theirs yesterday to come along.  As it was aside from me, Kornelia and Nigel (module leader) 8 students turned up.  Out of around 150 who could have.  Actually, not sure that was even a 1/3 of those who were even in the group, let along the rest of the course.  For shame.

It was a really good seminar too, as we dismantled four tv adverts via persuasion theory.

Popped by HR and did some more paper work, submitted my time sheet and I might even get paid by the end of Nov!  Then went home where I wasn’t feeling the editing so after two hours during which I did precious little called it a day and went off to do something more interesting.  I think it was watching Gogglebox.  Well, that counts as media analysis.


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