Oh no, It’s a Reading Week (redux)


A wet and horrid start to what is the RED week for NTU. In plain English this means it’s a glorified reading week. For ugs and taught pgs there are a range of events on, and while us PhDs can attend as well I scanned what was on last week and decided that wasn’t anything really worth dragging myself out of bed for. However, I did sign myself up for the course rep training the SU was running in the afternoon so needed to drag myself into campus for that.

As this is a reading week and given my back log of reading I aim to spend most of this and probably a fair chunk of next just reading, before I really start to gather the information I need to write my next chapter. And that was pretty much my morning before the train slog to the city campus to return some library books and attend the training. I’d not been to the new look library so was a bit thrown at first…not really clear where you returned books to – and since the old grand issue desk had been replaced with a plague green (yuck!) Information desk I eventually used that. Not quite sure who picked the colour scheme but it’s…erm, yes. Well not really what I’d have chosen.

The rep training was interesting if not exactly shocking news. The SU VP for Education did her best to croak through the training, but her heart wasn’t really in it as she had a filthy cold. It wasn’t the worse training session I’d ever been too, after all I survived the RPC last year, but it was far, far from the best. It had elements of good training ideas in it (ice breakers and the like) but they were applied in such a hap-hazard manner as to not really be worth doing.

She did hand round sweets though, so points in her favour – shame it’s a fasting day for me today so I couldn’t partake.


At home all day (which feels like a bit of a rarity) and a few hundred pages of a social research methods book for company.  A useful day, some of which was rehashing stuff I knew; other stuff was newer and of more practical use.

Oh and a letter from the National Grid that they’re coming to dig up the road outside my house for the next 3-4 weeks to “divert the gas pipe” outside our house.  Joy, that’ll make for a hell of a lot of unneeded noise.  Not to mention making what is a nightmare road to drive down even worse!


Workmen here on the dot of 8.30am.  So, 1 day’s notice is all we get (less than 24hrs since the post comes in the afternoon around here). Don’t they know some of us are trying to study?!?!  Day spent finishing off the research methods book before moving onto Teach Your Self Social Theory…which was a bit more heavy going.


Teach Yourself Social Theory all day. Not helped by coming down with labyrinthitis which makes me stagger at odd moments and feel like my head is full of cotton wool.

Oh yes, Night of the Doctor was released and was just brilliant – thank you Paul McGann!  Sadly the Science of Doctor Who was very dull, not a patch on my version.


2013-11-15 14.10.11Finished off previous book, and read half of another book on social research methods.  Pretty uneventful day, although we finally gave in and lit the fire for the first time this season once the house dipped below 16DegsC.

Next week’s looking a bit busier for being out of the house – as on top of Wed’s lecture, and Thur’s seminar, I’ve got a student rep meeting to go to on Friday.  Despite the fact that the rep election doesn’t finish until next week.


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