First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Power…


A weekend sans PC has left me a little twitchy, although I have pretty much watched everything on my Skybox that I had recorded rather than playing games.  Bit frustrated as I would have been making my Doctor Who 50th review for Doctor WHeasel this past weekend (LOVED the Day of the Doctor BTW, “All 13 of him”).

Spent the day marking the class transcripts from last week’s test.  Got through 2/3s of them, and by the end of the day I was going at a good pace.  However, must have taken me an hour or two to mark the first couple.  Trying so hard to be fair, even handed but not wildly generous.  All the same I’m writing a lot of feedback for the students, so hopefully they’ll find that useful.

Discovered at the end of the day that I’ve been elected student rep after all.  Well that is a very nice surprise, let’s hope I can use this role to make a difference to the lives of my fellow students and scholars at NTU.  Although as I’ve just started re-watching Scarface (and hence this week’s title seemed relevant), I’m not looking to emulate him!


More marking – and then remarking to moderate my marks, and ensure I’ve been even handed throughout.  Didn’t expect I would take most of the day.  By 3pm I had finally finished and sent my marks off for moderation and review, at which point my 3hrs of sleep caught up with me and I collapsed in a heap and fell asleep on the floor.  Zzzzz.


Lecture day on campus, and the hour before I headed in was spent remarking my exam scripts.  Seems I misread the scale and managed to give the students too low a set of scores.  Remarked they made a lot more sense, and hopefully the feedback will be helpful to them.

This week’s lecture was more on Freud, looking at things such as dream analysis and the development of the personality.  Interesting stuff, if somewhat challenging to teach.  Had a long session afterwards with Kornelia talking exam marking.  We’re a bit at a loss and having to make some of the rules and judgements up ourselves which is a bit of a challenge.  Glad we’ve got each other to call on, otherwise I suspect this’ll drive me up the wall!

Came back and ended up doing a bit of admin rather than any serious work.


A day spent mostly on campus, even though I only came in during the afternoon to run my seminar (on Rorschach and ink blots).  I hung around then writing up my feedback for my students for their class tests, and then finally finished off my drama, performance and confidence workshop I plan on running this weekend at Library Camp.  I’ve been trying to pull it together for a few weeks, but have never quite found my muse.  As today was probably the last chance I had to do so, I finally got my act together.  If I must say so myself it’s a damned fine workshop with more content than there’s space for.  If it works well, then maybe I can take it on the road and run it at  few conferences.

During this time Kornelia was marking her papers, so we were able to have a bit more chat and mutual support on the old marking front, which was nice.  Going to miss her once she graduates, which is thankfully at least a year off.

After that I went to an inaugural professorial lecture on TV screen-writing (William Ivory), which I discovered was on thanks to my handy-dandy staff email account.  As a screenwriter myself, I’m always interested in learning  a few more tricks.  Although I suspect not many of them are going to be applicable to weasel videos.  It was a brilliant session, very inspirational and a very interesting look at the differences between US and UK TV drama (the secret for us is the character journey – or as the US views it “You use your characters up!”).  Didn’t hand around for the pie and punch social that followed, as Mrs Llama had come home and I was eager to see her.


A day at home, and officially the first day of Mrs Llama living back here again.  It was a day of slow progress on study and not much of anything exciting to report.  Then again that’s probably just as well as I’m off to Library Camp UK 13 tomorrow, so that’s half my weekend gone…

Oh, still waiting on building the new PC as I’m waiting on one of the parts (thanks to one supplier sending the wrong bit – dur!).


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