Noodling about Nodes


My private office
My private office

Today I went to work on campus again in what turned out to be my own private office for a large chunk of the day.  Thank you NTU library.  Sadly around 2pm another (quiet) student came in, and then another (very noisy one), so the office went downhill from that point onward.  All the same though, it is nice to have a space I don’t have to fight undergrads off for and I’m very surprised more people don’t use it.

Maybe I’d better not advertise it too much!

Spent half the day sorting through my draft tags for the transcripts and trying to get them into some sort of cognitive order.  Wrote half the seminar for Thursday as well, just need to do the introductory slides on Weds after the lecture.  Suspect my students won’t have a lot of laughs with this one (it’s a discussion) but they will learn something!  I also discovered while I was on campus, and thanks to the helpful ITS people, that not only do we students have access to NVivo software, but that I can install it on my home PC.  Which I duly did when I got home late afternoon.  And then stared at it for a while.

Okay, I think I’m going to have to seek out a few tutorials on this to really get to grips with it.  I did glance at how much the training workshops were – but sadly I don’t have £400 just lying around, and as far as I can tell the university doesn’t offer anything in the way of training either.  Oh if only the RTP last year had included a 2hr session on this, rather than wasting time getting us to draw posters and colour in pictures of “the ideal researcher”.  In the meantime, at least I’ve found the first video to watch on the subject – I just need to go track down a few more now.


More coding, more notelets, more thinking.  Not to mention keeping myself awake in the middle of the night worrying about coding and how I’m ever going to get it done to a level I’ll be satisfied with (let alone my supervisors).  Gah, yesterday I was looking forward to getting into this – today I’m finding the stress is getting in the way way of the thinking.  Not fun.  Going to be glad to be out of the house tomorrow for a change of pace.


Went in first thing to campus to do some work and print some things off, and then went to this week’s media studies lecture – on The Internet.  I’ve heard of that, and I think it’s going to be really big someday!  An especial treat as it was my supervisor who was giving the lecture, so it was nice to see him in action.  I’ve seen him doing seminars, and I really like his laid back lecturing style.  Wish I could be like that rather than a llama on a hot tin roof.

Went home after this and did  some more coding work, even if my concentration levels were less than stellar I’ll confess.  I don’t like the winter months as I feel wiped out all the time.  Roll on spring and some sunlight!


In other news I baked a cake in the evening. Tasty!


A morning spent working on coding (not much progress made), a few hours seminaring and then trying to write a book review in the late afternoon.  All while it snows/rains and is basically horrible outside.

Without a doubt the seminar was this week’s highlight, which is a real turn up for the books.  Started with only 6 students in the class due to traffic and it being cold and scary with wolves on the road (I assume) so most of the rest didn’t show.  We had a debate about technological and social determinism and British society in the wake of the Internet.  And my students, bless them, contributed nicely.  They even made me laugh and smile with some of their insights, which was great – nice to feel I’m getting some insight into their views and thoughts as I’m sure they’re sick to death with my anecdotes at times.

That said I did manage to work in the image of Mrs Llama and I in bed reading our tablets as an example of (arguable) technologically determined behavior.  Came out with a real glow after that session because it felt like they’d really engaged with the topic!  Now, if they can just get through the class test in two weeks with good marks I’m gonna be really happy.


Me, nose frozen
Me, nose frozen

Building coding frame.

Frame code building.

Coding frame building.

However you rearrange it – this was pretty much my entire day.  Plus the house was cold, but actually I made some good progress – even if I did rip my frame apart yet again and rebuilt it largely.  Also heard a confirmation that my teaching is increasingly to a solid 2hrs a week after the reading (RED) week next week.  Excellent, will enjoy the extra practice and even more the tiny additional weekly boost of funds.

But with the rain and wind lashing against the house, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go and sit in my oven and try and warm up.  Think I’ll be heading into campus on Monday again to thaw out!


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