Self-Arguement and Self-Doubt


On campus all day to work through my coding frame and write the outline description for the categories   Sounds a light and fluffy task, but in fact I’ve spent the day agonizing over decisions and thinking through the logic of the framework at every twist and turn.  The result at the end of the day is a tool that is a whole lot more sophisticated that the original draft of last Monday, and bears only evolutionary traces of the rough notes I made two weeks ago after the first read through.

Of course I’ve also spent the day trying to second guess myself, and running into great big walls of self-doubt over the structure as well.  Probably good for me to be this skeptical about my approach, but it would be nice, just once in a while, to run into some great oceans of positivity and self-confidence!

Anyway, it’s way past 6pm now and I ought to think about finding my car and driving the 30 minutes or so home.  If the traffic has calmed down enough for me to escape, and if I can stay awake long enough!


A bit more positive today as I worked through some more interviews with my coding frame.  Pleased that increasingly I’m making smaller structural changes, and more subtle refinements; along with merging some categories that are clearly coding for the same thing.  Need to remind myself that in a way I’m in the pilot phase with this, and that it’s always going to be a grind – but it will make the final coding much easier.  Did have a chat with Mrs Llama over one aspect and she made a very insightful comment about something I’d overlooked.  It’s all too easy to get too close to this I suspect, so I shall; have to pick her brains again later in the week!


No prizes for guessing, but yet another coding development day.  A tweak here, a test there, and then a couple of hours writing up more detailed descriptions of the thumbnail; notes I’ve got for each category.  As it was this was useful as I refined a couple of my main nodes quite nicely.  Beginning to think that my target of having a semi-final coding structure by Friday is now realistically achievable.  Which then means I only have to learn how to us NVivo and I can be away coding.  I also want to get back to thesis writing as well, so I plan to alternate that with the coding so I can get both things developed at once.

Busy? Hah!  Lord yes.


Coding. Revising framework. Writing code descriptions.

Also baked a cake.


Just like yesterday. Except no cake.  Think I am just about ready to really pilot this framework from Monday…but I need a morning going through the descriptions with a fine toothed comb first.  Think I might be seeing the light at the end of this particular tunnel.  Or I could be utterly wrong (hope not).

Hope I don’t get blown away over the weekend…


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