Getting Ready to Rumble


For a change this week’s title has nothing behind it (aside from the fact I’m writing this on a fasting day and I can hear my stomach crying out for sustenance).  Spent a couple of hours dealing with the administrative stuff around the student coursework I’ve marked.  Must remember to take the ones due for moderation in on Wednesday so they can get double marked.

And other than that…a day spent glaring at a PC screen coding.  A bit more a struggle today than I’d hoped.


Coding most of the day (35 down, 47 to go) aside from, discovering that in a couple of weeks we’ve got a student feedback thing to run in class which will take up 1/3 of the tutorial time.  If I hadn’t already complained bitterly about the ongoing neo-Taylorisation of higher education in one of my thesis chapters…well I think I might have found a way to work it in.  Yes, useful for the students to do it, but it means they lose out on a big chunk of their teaching.  I get paid the same mind you, so perhaps I should just shut up and take the money.  Seems that what most academics do.  *sigh*

Since Mrs Llama’s PC has all but died I’ve been popping into her room on and off throughout the day upgrading it to a new version of windows.  Must say it is now working like a charm, although had a bit of an issue at one point when the auxiliary HDD refused to engage.  All sorted now. 


Lecture day, and today Wikipedia was in the spotlight.  Amused to see the reactions from the students in front of me who thought this was clearly going to be a waste of their time.  One of them started playing Tetris (or at least an interesting variant that distracted me for a few minutes over his shoulder).  The lecture was actually looking at Wikipedia as a model of social production and collaboration, not to mention exploring how Wikipedia manages its contributors.  We’ll be debating some of the issues around peer production tomorrow in the seminar, so I’m glad to see that it’s another topic I know a bit more about.  Hopefully we’ll have more of a turnout this week than last!

Back home for an afternoon split between seminar preparations and then after 4pm some more coding.  Wading through a long interview (2nd longest) took most of that time!


A morning coding, and then off to run this week’s Wikipedia and social production seminar.  Once again the students got to watch a TED video (from the steam ages…okay, 2005) and then discuss it.  Think it got a bit heavy weight later on in the seminar once we got into thoughts about economic theories and alternatives to capitalism.  Not sure that was really their bag (baby).  Was amused in one of my groups when two students got into a spirited discussion on the point “Professionals produce quality, amateurs don’t” – pro and anti the idea.  First time this year I could sit back on the sidelines and let them have the debate without me having to get my oar in.  More like that, yes please!

For interest – here’s the aforementioned video


Coding. Lots of it.  I now only have 34 interviews left to code (or only 42% of the total pages of text).  Still a hell of a lot, but I’m more than half way now.

Thankfully.  Next week I have to go to the University of Sussex for a conference one of the days, so that’ll be a nice break in the routine – even if it does mean I miss the weekly lecture.


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