A Blur of Activity

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a post, as I’ve been a bit run down of late so I’ve let this slide.  However, that’s not to say exciting things haven’t been happening – so here they are in brief.

  • Work: Coding. Coding. More coding.  Teaching prep. Teaching. Marking oversight.
  • Meeting: Had a meeting with my second supervisor (first time in about 5 months as he’s been on research leave). Very useful and positive discussions.
  • Teaching: Carrying on with my seminar teaching, which continue to be the true highlights of my week.  Both classes have managed to make me genuinely smile (and even laugh) with their insights – they’re definitely all getting a whole lot better at their studies.
  • Mrs Llama: Mrs Llama finally got a proper job again, which starts in April.  Which means we can stop eating gruel for every meal (slight, but not that slight, joke).
  • UKSG: I won a conference award to attend the UKSG conference next month.  I’m overjoyed, as it is far, far too expensive to attend.  And not a little smug that I’ll be using money from academic publishers.  Going to be a great conference, where I’ll be a man on a mission to make some cross-sector contacts.
  • Excitement: I’ve also been approached about something very exciting professionally, but it’s not set in stone yet so I can’t talk about it in public yet (he said mysteriously).  Even if it doesn’t come to pass, it’s deeply flattering to have been approached about it.
  • FAIL: I tried to attend a webinar and an afternoon event, but thanks to technical issues with the first and feeling dog-rough for the other I didn’t. Damn. Although I did get to see my BFF as part of my attempts to attend, so it wasn’t a totally loss.
  • Finalé: And most importantly today I finally finished coding all my interviews.  It has been a long, and painful, slog but this phase is at least done.  Of course now I have to make sense of the results, but I’ll worry about that next week.

Next week…I have to start serious thinking again. And, oh yes, catch up on a pile of reading!


2 thoughts on “A Blur of Activity

  1. So it was you that won the Swets bursary to UKSG? Congratulations and enjoy!!! (Not that I’m jealous or anything…)


    1. Cheers. Not quite sure who the backer was, but whomever it is I’m jolly grateful. Honestly, without backing or scholarships my chances of attending conferences is about zero!


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