An Amazing Couple of Weeks


I fooled you with that title.  Actually it’s been a bit of a drag here at Llama Towers as I’ve been suffering under the yoke of some form of sinus-muscular-exhaustion bug which means most days I’ve been just wanting to crawl back into bed as soon as I got up.  All the same I have made myself work most of the time (this Monday was an exception – Mrs Llama marched me to bed when she came in and found me slumped over my papers at the dinner table, early afternoon).

I’ve been working on two thesis chapters – one on the history/background of Open Access in the UK, which is going to be a struggle to boil down to 10k words and include all the runners, riders and key events.  Likewise the other chapter which is an analysis of my scoping interviews – and thus the peak of the past 3 months of work.

One day's printing of results...
One day’s printing of results…

I’ve also been prepping for two conferences, UKSG which I’m at next week as a sponsored student (huzzah) and OER14 a few weeks after where I’m giving a short paper*.  A lightening paper if you read some of the website, but I’m fairly sure it’s a lightning one…otherwise I may need to slim down more.  I wasn’t supposed to be doing much at UKSG other than graciously thanking my hosts for having me, but I’ve managed to get myself roped into a panel.  And possibly an editorial.  Eep.

Ah well, so much for sweet anonymity!

* yes there is a typo in that title – I’ve asked someone to fix it…


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