Another Truncated Week


Well thanks to conferencing this week again, I’ve got a much shorter working (hah) week.  Decided to take Friday off as a break, as I am feeling more than a little burned out and in need of a real holiday (again, hah, fat chance on my finances) and this is the closest I can get for now.  Lecture day today (penultimate!) on transnational media.  I have to say it’s not a subject I especially grok, and the chaotic style of the lecturer didn’t help.  She was honestly more distracted than the students (all 25 of them this week).  Turning her lecture and seminar suggestions into something scholastic then was a bit of a challenge (to say the least).  I think I’ve managed something; but I suspect it won’t be the greatest achievement of the year.

Also did battle with to upload a copy of my presentation at OER14 uploaded.  For some reason it screwed up the PDF text (rather like the Mac on the day), so it’s not looking that great.  So uploaded a copy to Slideshare – which worked so much better.  Even if I’m wary of using Slideshare these days since bought them.  Anyway here it is:

Policy, practice and problems: UK university cultures and responses to open access (

And while the slides might not make a whole lot of sense without my added narrative; I’m more than happy to turn up anywhere to talk about it in more detail (and believe me, there is a WHOLE lot more detail) – in exchange for expenses (I am, after all, an impoverished student!)


The morning was spent in part engaged in a mix of marking (moderating) student work.  Thought I’d done with this, but turned out there were a few scripts to second mark, and one of my own group who had submitted to the wrong address.  I also had to revise my OER talk down to a pocket 4 minute version for a Midlands 3 Cities PhD event next week I’m appearing at.  Thankfully didn’t take too long, although once again I agonized over what to cut out.  The afternoon was spent running semi-successful seminars on transnational media, and writing up my conference blog from earlier in the week.  Which should be live…any moment now.


Day off! Victory lap!
[Edit: Although a short article I wrote on the UKSG conference did go live as well]

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