Recommendation Wednesday: Almost Human

Having been a bit in the black dog zone of late, I’ve decided to do something positive each week.  And so I’m starting a new feature where I try and briefly highlight something positive that I’ve read, watched or experienced; and that you might like too.

To start us off I’ll go for something on TV (and my ever bulging Sky+ box) with a new show Almost Human, staring Karl Urban as “Judge Dekker RoboCop”.  Yes it’s a police procedural at first glance but it borrows from the best of scifi, and is the nearest we’ve had to date of a really good adaptation of Judge Dredd (starring the man who played him too) in terms of a dark but all too possible future.  Having seen the pilot (and yes knowing it’s only got one season) I am hooked.  2nd episode aired last night on Watch, and I’m already eager to sit down a watch it.

There are obvious homages to both RoboCop and Blade Runner (noodles in the rain at a street cafe…that seems familiar) which actually work in its favour.  There’s also a look and feel of decent scifi film such as Minority Report (the tech, not the precogs and thankfully Cruise-free) in the sets and society.  And maybe just a hint of the duel societies struggling to co-ecist from Alien Nation (another excellent scifi cop show that lasted a single season).

Given there’s no way near enough new sci-fi on the TV right now (what with the supernatural, superheroes and fantasy pretty much eating up the production budgets), this has provided a little slice of pure scifi pleasure for me.  I suspect I’m going to be really gutted once its over and done with, but for now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Give it a try!  And if you don’t want to believe me, here’s a few more things to read:


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