Recommendation Wednesday: Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax

What’s that?  I forgot to post last week?  Yes, truth be told I went to bed early and so didn’t write one.  No matter – let’s discuss something truly awesome.

There are two kinds of people in this world.  There are those who have played and love the world of the Saint’s Row series.  And there are those who think GTA’s increasingly grimdark worlds are more realistic and therefore fun.  Oh and there are those people who don’t play games, but frankly I don’t believe their opinions matter here.  I used to love GTA, with Vice City being a glorious highlight in the series.  Los Santos was great fun too, CJ was just the right balance of bad guy and hero…but I never got more than halfway through GTA IV before giving up, bored with the story.  Oh Niko Bellic why must you be so duuuullll.

Flash forward a few years and a Steam sale, and I found myself playing Saints Row III as a break between more serious gaming (Mass Effect series having just been finished).  And to my delight I discovered this was actually mad, mad crazy super fun – I never laughed so hard with a game as with this one.  Well not until I started playing Saint’s Row IV last month (the nuclear missile!) and laughed even harder.  These games are well crafted, brilliant scripted fragments of pure gaming joy that I can pick up and play for minutes or hours…but they’re not today’s recommendation Wednesday, oh no.  Just one little part of it.  This guy on the other hand…


Yeah, it’s Professor Genki. And his Super Ethical Reality Climax (SERC for short)

Professor Genki is a character who technically hosts a series of mini games that have you shooting people inside what can best be described as a cross between laser tag and paintball in a head on collision with Takeski’s Castle…where the weapons are real and the targets are people dressed in hot dog, beer bottle and soft drink can costumes.  Oh and furries, lots of furries.  These mini-games are a great diversion from the plot, and require a mix of gun and run. Oh yeah, and there’s also one Genki mini-game where you dress as a panda and sky dive through flaming hoops of fire, beating up people on roof tops on the way down.

See GTA, there’s more to life than running over hookers in a taxi cab!!!

Now I said Genki technically hosts, as the “good” Professor seldom shows up in the mini-games themselves, and is more likely to randomly appear and cause havoc elsewhere in the game engine.  The real hosts, and for my money stars of the whole Saints Row experience are the two SERC commentators (Zach and Bobby).  Here, try a sample of their wit and wisdom:

The biggest problem I find though, is some of the levels can be somewhat challenging at times (especially the car/pedestrian/head chucking levels in SRIV) – as I just keep on getting distracted and giggling as these two brilliant (idiots) keep a running commentary on events, oh and various inane things that just come into their heads.  They’re voiced by Mike Carlucci and Rob Van Dam to whom I must tip my hat, along with their script writiers.  (at least I assume they had a script!).  The pair of them really do put the hyper into hyperbole!

To be frank, I’d almost play the entire game just to hear their thoughts; in the same way that back in the day listening to Lazlow on the radio in GTA was a highlight of that game series.  Almost but not quite.  Oh who am I trying to kid I would.  These guys are that funny.

It’s even funnier (in a dark kinda way) after the Zin Empire has [spoiler] in SRIV, and they more or less have nervous breakdowns on air as they try to keep trying to sound chipper in the face of almost certain doom and total oblivion.

Now that ladies and gentlespoons, is class!

So go play SRIII/IV and have super happy time fun.  Or better yet, just find some more videos of these guys in action and enjoy their thoughts on life, the universe and brutal combat.


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