A Trip Here and There


Had to swing onto campus today (and managed not to get trapped this time) to pick up the signed paperwork for the annual review and take it to the Graduate Office.  Was slightly wary that they’d query the lack of signature from my Director of Studies, but charm and an email from him explaining the situation seemed to sort it out.  Phew.  Also had to take some books back to the library, one of which I took out in Oct 2012…yes I read it then, but I’ve held onto it ever since as it was a really good one.  Might have to take it out again in due course.  The library’s relocated (for the summer) quarters seem ok, but I’ll be glad when they’re back online.

Rest of the day editing chunks of my OA of the UK chapter, which actually took me a while to get into again – but is slowly, slowly taking better form.


Read some emails, but didn’t manage to do anything critical before I headed off to Cambridge University for an afternoon’s seminar on OA .  I’ll be writing this one up as a separate post (ACLAIIR Seminar: Open Access – the future of academic publication?), but safe to say it was a very useful afternoon.  Sadly the drive home was a bit of a pain, as aside from rush hour traffic a major crash on the A47 sent me diverted down single track lanes behind HGVs…and so I didn’t get home until way after 7pm.


Don’t have to go anywhere today, which is nice.  Spent the morning reviewing, clarifying and rewriting my notes from yesterday’s workshop while they were still fresh in my mind, and as you’ll see it’s a post on the blog already.  Sadly this was the high spot of the day as my energy and enthusiasm crashed in the afternoon, and I ended up in a self-defeating cycle of feeling I can never finish this chapter/need to finish this chapter.


A better day during which I managed to get over myself, man up etc and just plough on with writing.  Much easier today, and while there’s still a lot of editing to be done I finished the chapter draft.  Now I can put it aside for the weekend (need to write a conference session tomorrow) and then pick it up fresh next week.

Amused myself by gathering together the three chapters I’ve written in one place – all 102 pages of them.  Think once I’ve shifted the formatting in them to double line spacing or whatever rubbish the uni wants, it’ll be closer to 150 pages.  maybe more.  Nice!

Finished off the day playing with new layouts for this blog.  Think it’s high time I changed the layout a bit, as the spare space on screen and font aren’t ideal.  However, not 100% convinced by any of them so far.


Day spent in preparation for my talk at a conference on Wednesday next week.  Harder worker than I expected, trying to convey my research in meaningful terms without either a) dumbing it down too much b) filling it too full of “academic” terms.  However 2/3 of the talk done and I’m quite happy with it.  Just need the morning on Monday and it’ll be all done.  Feeling happy after what can be termed a productive day.

Tomorrow – off to socialise with Mrs Llama’s professor for a change.  Which should/may be fun!


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