ARLG 2014: Beyond the Final Frontier

To Brighton in the sunshine for a day or so of conferencing with the Academic and Research Library Group.  The whole conference ran over three days, but as a speaker I was only able to dip into the last day (since I couldn’t afford the fees), but I have to say my hat is off to the lovely conference organisers who made me feel very welcome and even slotted me into the conference dinner for free.  Library conferences really are the finest conferences 🙂

Also slightly biased as this is my “home” conference (or was when it was the UCR/CoFHE conference) so it was a chance to catch up with a few of my favourite professional people and friends across the profession.  Just wish I could have chatted to them all much longer!

So one (very tasty) conference dinner on Tuesday night and a lot of chat, and a smattering of sessions on the Wednesday, starting with hearing about the new Keep – a specialist physical repository for the University of Sussex, East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council (which we actually passed on the way to the conference dinner.   Sadly I had to climb under the desk in shame when my phone LOUDLY beeped in the middle of this one.  Erm, I say beeped, but as it has a voice recording in SHOUTED across the room.  Gah!

Couple of shotgun presentations followed from Citavi (a records management and knowledge organisation platform) and the presentation by Credo of their information literacy VLE module.  The former didn’t sway me away from Evernote, and the latter…well I’m still not sure.  A nice clean UI, but a very cheesy comic book video that I didn’t know whether to love or hate.  But interesting non the less.

Then onto the workshops – the first of which was Andrew Whitworth exploring cognitive mapping techniques with an application to problem solving issues with library practice.  Had a play with the  Ketso fuzzy felt tool alongside this.  Could have done with about an hour to use the tool properly, but was a nice little thing – could have seen this going down a storm with the middle managers meetings at DWL.

Then onto my presentation…which I’ll link to once I get the PDF software to generate a file I can put online!  [Paper now available] It was right at the end of the conference, so I wasn’t hopeful for people turning up – but in the end had 15-20 folks there, and a good discussion; and the audience seemed to get something out of it.  And then three post session longer discussions with a few delegates, so I’ll count it a success!

Anyway…here’s some pictures of the event I snapped along the way.

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