Oh We All Like to Be Beside the Seaside


Slightly belaboured start to the day as didn’t sleep well, but spent a goodly chunk working on my conference talk.  Checking the conference programme I’m a bit miffed that I’ve got a session in the death slot at the end of the conference, which may well mean I get zero people in attendance.  Always a bit of a frustration as I don’t know if I should make this the most polished talk ever, or just slap something together knowing that about 3 people and a whippet are going to listen.  Had the same issue at OE2014 – presenting on the last day is never a great place to be.  Ah well, at least it’s another paper to add to the CV and that’s never bad.

That all said at least I get a free trip down to the south coast and a chance to meet up with a few people I’ve not seen in a Devil’s age.  It’s also going to be useful in terms of writing the paper I need to create for next month’s PhD conference in Sheffield (iFutures 2014) where I have less time, but expect a slightly bigger audience.  So 4 men and a dog then!

More delightfully I’ve been approached to do a session at a conference that’s a year away, so that is promising at least.  Maybe I’ll be able to negotiate a better time slot!


A final polish and a long drive there and back to Brighton for the ARLG14 conference.  During which, yes, I gave a paper.

Also foolishly checked my email and discovered I’ve got to be in campus tomorrow to appear at a student induction workshop. Argle.


A bit of a snafu of a day as thanks to a packed car park I couldn’t catch the train to Nottingham I planned, so came home and uploaded most of my students’ marked essays to the VLE (at last).  Slightly annoyed that I’d been waiting on the course leader to give us the OK to do this for the past two weeks…and then he mails all the students to tell them they’re available now…but doesn’t mail us staff! Gah, thanks a bunch.  It does at least mark my last involvement with the course for this year, and it’s not the best of notes to head out on.

Drove into Nottingham to the induction…to discover only 5 out of 21 students had showed up, and of those none were AAH.  Well that was well worth my while.  Chatted to a few academics and careers people (and some of the students for what that was worth), grabbed some lunch and then went back to find my car.  Still cheaper driving in and paying to park than taking the train mind you.

Came back home, finished off uploading the essays, did a bit of email triage (a few students saying “Oi, where’s my marks?”) and then cancelled a place I had for an event in London in a few weeks.  It’s straight after a weekend I’m camping and I don’t think realistically I’m going to have the energy to attend.  I’ve been wiped out after the conference as it is, let alone after a weekend of little sleep.  For the best, but miffed I had to do it.


Oh motivation where art thou?  Think I managed 2 productive hours today in total editing my thesis chapter.  Just did not want to get going and toyed with the idea of just taking the day off.  But my inner PhD work demon said I couldn’t and forced me to do some editing.  End of the week can’t come too soon, I need to sleep for about 24hrs…

Did at least upload my conference paper to my online profile, so maybe that’ll interest some folks.


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