Another Tooth Pick

W/b 30 June

Long week editing chapter on open access.  By close of play on Friday I had 9830 words of this chapter polished, 7145 to go.  Been feeling like an uphill, frustrating, Sisyphean struggle all week with no end in sight.  But hopefully soon…really soon, I’ll be able to put this aside and…edit my first chapter and start writing my theory one.  Oh yeah, and the paper and presentation I need to deliver at Sheffield in three weeks.

Highlight of the week – my internal assessors passing along some more reading for me.  Bless him, he’s been more use lately than my supervisors.

W/b 7 July

More editing. All week.  At times feeling like I’ve toothpicks in my eyelids keeping them open.  Some days better than others, but none of them much fun.  By the end of the week it’s all done bar a final typo and a revise of the conclusions.  So close to finishing now I can almost see the finish line.

2,134 words still to edit (seems a nice number)…out of 18,000 written. Gah, this is so two chapters now!

Only other interesting thing this week is that I put myself forward for a PhD conference in Leicester, and offered to chair a panel.  We’ll see if I get taken up on that in a couple of weeks.  Probably chuck in a paper proposal as well, just to keep things interesting.  Monday though – paper for Sheffield!


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