Falling off the Hoarse

Monday (w/b 28 July)

Yeah, I was right – pretty much lost my entire weekend to a combination of insomnia and inflamed tonsils (the right hand one came out in sympathy today, but thankfully leftie’s recovered).  Been a few years since I’ve had tonsillitis (went through a phase in my 30s of getting it 3-4 times a year), and I’d forgotten how awful it is.  Anyway today I was back up to doing some editing…slowly, as my energy’s still not quite back to where it should be.  But thankfully first day without pain killers for over half a week.  And drinking tea no longer burns like hot acid too, which is great.  Looked at chapter conclusions and concluded (ho ho) that light editing wouldn’t cut it.  So planned out rewriting the whole narrative into a coherent structure.  And by planned I of course mean, didn’t achieve.

At least I did hear that I’ve been picked (well I volunteered) to chair a session at the East-Midlands conference in September.  Huzzah.  Of course no idea if my paper will get through as well, hope so but if not I won’t sulk.

Well not too much.

In other news Mrs Llama is officially sick of me telling her news from the SDCC.  *ahem*.  Not as sick as I am of throat pain!


Finally throat is just a little tight rather than sore…though sadly it looks like my bug has jumped from me to Mrs Llama (despite sleeping in separate rooms for the past week as a precaution).  Damn.  Still, I did manage to totally rewrite my conclusions, integrated the other bits of text elsewhere in the chapter.  Now all I need to do is write a few lines suggested by my supervisor, sort out a missing reference or two, check the formatting and I’m done and can move onto my theory development chapter.

Oh great, more reading.  Still it’ll be a change to start stretching my mind rather than confounding my wits everyday!  Now if there was just a good paper/book on neo-Marxist analysis/critique I could find to read I think that might answer a lot of my questions.  Then again flicking through my reading notes I think I’ve got a lot of ideas already stashed away…this shouldn’t take much more than say, oh, 3 months or so I guess.  Less would be nice…


Throat still bothering me, so a rare visit to the practice nurse for an inspection…and yes, I have tonsillitis as I expected. So a course of antibiotics which will hopefully help me kick this thing.  Not so much the swallowing which is a problem (though that continues to be painful), but the utter drain on my system that means I just want to curl up in bed all day.  this is not conducive to hard study!  But slogging on with the edit all the same.


Done! Finally!  A chapter I started drafting over 6 months ago, before putting aside for a long time, is done and off to my supervisors for their inspection (and eventually comment some months down the road).  In the end it’s not a bad read, and while I know there will be revisions to come – it does pretty much sum up what I needed to say on the topic of OA in the UK; and neatly compliments the following chapter where I analyse my interviews.

All of which means I need to get on with working on the next chapter – theory and method.  Fun, it will not be!  Feeling more human already, which is either the stress of the chapter lifting or the antibiotics are already working.


Decided we never know how much summer we get…so awarded myself a rare (non-sick) day off to work in the garden.  Although checking my email, I see I’ve a meeting about the East-Midlands Research Students conference next Thursday…back at the David Wilson Library where I once worked.  In fact on the very day that two years ago I walked out the door.  I haven’t been over the threshold since so this is going to be an…interesting day on many levels I suspect.  Now, where did I put that false moustache and glasses…

Monday (w/b 4 Aug)

Kicking into theory mode – which meant a lot of thinking, a lot of planning, and a lot of sorting out of papers.  And as thanks to the tail end of this bug I’ve had, a lot of unexpected sleeping on the keyboard.  Gah, could have done without that.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be sparkier.


Theory seeking day again – so reading a book on social theory and trying once again to get my head around a few things such as Foucault, Habermas, critical theory and discourse.  Then off to see Guardians of the Galaxy as a treat at the end of the day!


Starting off the day with a little light reading online from George Monbiot: Sick of this market-driven world? You should be.  That and the sad news that one of my uncles has died overnight (expected as he’s been very unwell in recent months, but sad none the less).  Moved on to more reading of theory books. Woo.


Change of pace as I had to go to Leicester University for a meeting about next months East-Midlands PhD Researcher conference (which I’m chairing a session at).  A morning spent going through the paper submissions and trying to pick the best ones (very few were poor, and it was an extensive and grueling process!).  Kinda fun meeting up with other PhDs again though, although it sounds like pretty much all of the other unis have more of a social life element to their doctoral programmes.  Oh yeah, and offices.  Two things NTU is very poor at sadly.  Came home from this and collapsed into bed for a quick nap…that turned into a 3hr snooze.  Think the lack of sleep the previous night (or coming off my antibiotics) wiped me out.

Amusing note: Meeting was at the David Wilson Library where I used to work.  Not been back there for exactly 2 years since I quit – so kinda synchronicitous to be back there today.


Reading of papers.  Writing of notes.  Thinking of thoughts.  Suspect next week – much more of the same.  Horribly hot and humid today too, which kinda saps the energy to do any work, but I slogged on all the same


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