Recommendation Wednesday: Courgettes

Not done one of these for a while, so let’s start again by celebrating that most wonderful of vegetables (after the potato) the courgette (or zucchini if you must). This is a veg that I eat for about 3 months of the year, and then never again. Why? Largely because I grow my own, and they grow like weeds in my garden – hence by the end of the season I can barely look at one in the face, let alone eat them again. And of course shop bought ones aren’t the same as from vine-plate in a matter of minutes.

One evening's harvest
One evening’s harvest

We’re in the middle of this year’s season and so I’m eating them (along with my runner beans and tomatoes) most days right now.  Ways they have delighted my palate this season have included:

Other years they’ve ended up as part of the most wonderfully moist chocolate cake, stuffed with rice and baked and perhaps most commonly as courgette fritters (using the eggs from our hens).  Not done either of these this year, as I’m trying to experiment a bit more with the different ways I can use them a bit more.

So a salute to a garden veg that my repeated childhood encounters with its big cousin the marrow (yuck yuck yuck and I say again yuck) nearly put me off for life!


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