The Prisoner of Azkaban (Year Three)


And here we are after a few days in Wales…in year 3 of the PhD.  Oh. My. Grud.  Where has the time gone?  It only seems like a few months ago i was sitting in the conservatory wading through a pile of books on media theory in the last throws of a glorious summer/e.autumn – where as today I was…

Doing pretty much the same, although writing a thesis chapter.  Bloody hell indeed.  Kinda terrifying knowing there is now less time ahead of me than behind to finish this thing…which still feels only very slightly baked so far.

If you’ll excuse me I’m going to have a few moments of blind panic while I run around my house screaming!


And relax.  Okay, so time is ticking away, and maybe that’s a good thing to keep me motivated.  In the meantime today I’ve been sorting out my teaching for the new year, looking through module booklets and the like – as well as plotting out the two seminars.  Think the new module I’m teaching on (Introduction to Media Communication) looks really interesting; and if anything possibly more so than Face-2-Face to Facebook, on which I’m teaching once again.

Managed a solid page of writing and editing on Critical Management Studies (aided in part by the conference of a couple of weeks ago) and managed to agree running a couple of workshops over in north Wales in November on a copyright, IPR, remix culture and open access.  Should be fun – teaching librarians one day and academics the next.  And certainly not fishing around for people to interview, oh my no *he grinned quietly to himself*


Writing this theory chapter is like wrestling with an oiled snake!  And today I’ve been wrestling with various forms of critical theory, and trying to boil them down to a page or so of narrative.  Yeah, like that’s an easy thing to do – every time I think I’ve got an handle on them – zip – off they fly out of my hands.

At least I did get something constructive done in a phone conversation first thing, setting up a training workshop I’ll be contributing towards in November over in North Wales.  Huzzah, back to Wales in 6 weeks – this is good!


More writing. Go away.


In earlyish to Uni as today’s my first day teaching my new module.  Tried to visit the library’s revamped research room only to find it locked and being used as a storage area.  Thankfully some very helpful library staff sorted it out quickly and were very appologetic.  Having been trhough revamps of libraires I know the snagging can be hell!  Worked there on my own quietly for the morning and then headed over to find my new seminar room – in the science and technology end of campus so I’m less familiar with the area.  Seminar seemed to go okay, and the group seem pretty lively – which is a promising start.  The seminar was little more than a glorified pub quiz, so I hope the undergrads don’t think that’s what we’ll be doing every week.  All the same I managed to use the socres in the quiz to illustrate the grading scheme at uni which may have been at least marginly helpful.  Suspect much more content next week!


And my other first seminar – less fun content in this one, mostly talking through the course and the regulations.  Kinda odd to be teaching in a glass walled glass room, as I’m sure my energetic lecturing style will get some odd looks from outside!  But nice to see both groups I’ve got this year seem a lot more talkative from the outset than last year’s; although over time last year’s bunch got so much better; and I do kinda miss seeing them!


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