A Week In October

So what did I get up to this week?

  • Theory chapter: It’s all done bar the shouting.  Or rather bar the discussion at the end where I tie everything together.  Fingers crossed that I can finish writing that bit on Monday and share it with my supervisors for discussion – as I’ve a couple of other things I need to sort out (application for a summer school and a conference talk) that are getting a bit time sensitive.
  • Teaching: Classes this week on creative industries and conversation analysis.  The former of which involved the students reading an article by Russell Brand and considering what it told us about the media representation of celeb culture and the political undercurrents (think bread and circuses and you’re not too far off the beam). Good discussions in that one, including one student who said he wished we had 2hrs to talk about it.  And another who suggested I might just make it as a Z-list celeb.  I have doubts about that 🙂  CA session wasn’t quite so energised (but then I teach that one first thing on Fridays).  Involved returning to watch an EastEnders clip which they’d seen before, but this time with the sound on.  Spent a while after class going through a few bits of the session in more detail with a few students, which was a nice follow on – shame I don’t get paid for those bits!  Also had someone come and (very politely) moan about the sound from the video bleeding through into their classroom.  Whoops!  University needs thicker classroom walls.
  • Weather: Aside from the near-hurricane on Tuesday, and the down pour on Friday…erm, not much to talk about.  Except to say autumn is most certainly here now!
  • Open Access Week: It was open access week this week…which sadly meant very little to me.  Noticed NTU did put on a couple of events, which was good – but I couldn’t get to these easily, and didn’t want to take too much time out of my schedule.  Boo.
  • Supervisors: Saw both my supervisors in passing – one of whom suggested it’s time for a meeting.  Managed to fob him off with promises of a chapter early next week (so deadline time!)  Always marginly terrified of these meetings – they’re great guys, but I’m never sure if they’re going to tell me I’m talking complete and utter BS in my thesis or just give me more work to do.  Or probably both.  Hell, who needs to sleep!  At least these days thanks to the right blend of vitamin supplements I seem to have gotten a hold of my poor energy levels in the working day.  No more crushing exhaustion headaches for me.  Just very, very sore paws from walking 18miles at high speed last Sunday…

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