Another Chapter Bites the Dust

And another week ticks by.  Let’s look at the high spots

  • Theory chapter: After much wrestling and hoping that I’d have it done by the end of Tuesday even promising to let my supervisors have sight of it then) I ended up dispatching it to them at Wednesday lunchtime.  The discussion ended up being a bit longer than I’d planned, not to mention not quite as polished as I’d like; but decided the time was right to divest myself of it.  And then move onto other pressing tasks (of which there are always many it seems!).
  • Supervisory meeting: Of course once I’d sent the chapter, then I needed to set up a meeting with my supervisors to talk about it.  What with the RED week (u/g reading week) which one of them is taking off and other duties I’m not getting to see them until late November.  Great, I’d be downhearted if I hadn’t got at least 3 days out of the office (at events) and 6 days teaching between then, so I’m hardly going to be idle.  It’s always a mixture of terror and relief every time I send one of these chapters off (for the record this is fourth) – glad to reach a milestone but very nervous as to the academics’ reaction to it.  They may hate it…but I shall see.
  • Teaching: This week it was looking at cultural propaganda (largely slagging off the TED talks as an extension of the neoliberal capitalist subsumption of creative sector) and deconstructing adverts (dismantling their persuasive tricks).  The latter was good fun, although I was a bit down on student numbers and enthusiasm.  Perhaps this Thursday night was a big party night, but they weren’t the sparkiest they’ve been.  Shame really as I think it’s a jolly interesting area.  Thankfully though there were some insightful comments from them, so that cheered me up.  The other session…well it was another “read this long paper and discuss” sessions.  I know from experience that most of the students don’t get off on this kind of seminar, so I did my level best to try and draw out the key points in the discussions.  Not sure I quite hit the mark – next week media law which should be more interesting…I hope!
  • Web profile: The uni is finally giving PhD students a Web profile page that others can see – so I spent an afternoon writing mine.  A little limiting to only be able to have “400 words” for my publications – if you combine all my conference papers, articles, book chapters and guest lectures…there’s around 150 of them alone which gives me less than 3 words for each one.  And that’s ignoring the nearly 50 book reviews I’ve written.  Clearly the university continues to be set up to deal with M-level entrants to PhD rather than returning professionals – it’s rather shockingly antiquated systematically, but at least we do finally get these pages – and before I leave too!
  • Summer School: My post-teaching Friday job was to write the outline of my summer school application for an event in Germany next year.  No idea if I’ll stand much of a chance of getting in, but worth a go.  Trying to sort out a 2 page CV was somewhat of a nightmare mind you.  Can see this task stretching through into next week.
  • Copyright alternatives lecture: This is due a week on Monday, but I’ve only just outlined it.  Going to be priority number one next week to write this.

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