Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious World of Spreadsheets

Actor Interviews

Those expecting to find a wonderous discussion about the famous writer’s insights into MS Excel will be tragically disappointed.  However, this week my research has been pretty tied to using them to collate lists of interviewees.  I didn’t quite think it’d take this long* but at least I’m at a point where next week I can kick off with sending out my first wave of interview requests.

I have been not quite inundated with responses from my original mailshot, but I have begun to build a reasonably long list from which to start writing to academics.  If you’re one of the people I’ve written to and haven’t responded to me yet, please do – I could really do with a few more suggestions!  But to all those who sent me loads of suggestions, a tip of my hat a mighty llama salute to you all.

Perhaps more importantly I’ve had very positive responses to my out reaches to 3 out of my 5 prospective lengthy activist interviews.  So positive that I think I’m meeting with the first lot next week (so I’ll be writing all my questions on Tuesday!).  Half expected not hear anything for weeks on these so it’ll be interesting to see what I get out of them.

Interlend 2015

The rest of the week was spent writing, re-writing, practicing, shortening, and then re-working my talk for next week’s Forum for Interlending conference in sunny Manchester.  It’s about communications, and technically it’s the last conference my internal assessor really wants me to go to.  Although I guess if I get an invite somewhere, it’d be churlish to turn it down – since I looove speaking to audiences.  The session had to be rejigged a bit from my original idea as I had planned it as a workshop, and the conference has put it on as a plenary talk.  Gah.  Less interactive and more speaky by a long chalk than I’d have liked, but I reckon there’s scope for about a 3hr workshop to be run on the back of the framework I’ve written.  Available for hire for all your staff training needs 😉

Oh go on then, here’s a bit of old Arthur…

*This being the motto I suspect of any PhD student’s experinces


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