Pressing the Big Red Button

big_red_smallField Work

That’s right, after a few weeks in preparation I’ve finally pushed the big red button marked “Contact people and ask for interviews“.  Not the academics yet, as I live in hope that a few more of my OA former comrades might reply to my emails.  Surprisingly few of them have, although those that have done have been some warmly generous and encouraging that I’ve found myself once again deeply regretting stepping away from that world to go into research.

But I’ve been approaching publishers, learned societies and funders with a measure of some success.  I’ve been quite surprised that over a dozen have come back to me within 24hrs of me sending out the emails.  Hopefully a few more will respond next week, but I have to say I’ve been delighted by those who’ve contacted me so far.  Fingers cross that my interviews do them justice.

Spent at least two days this week thought writing, and rewriting my interview questions and approach emails.  A surprisingly tough bit of work for what looks like very little output.


Conducted my first phase II interview today, with one of my “activist icons” (as my notes call them).  Wow, just wow.  A wonderfully rich interview with some very generous people (in terms of time and what they shared).  Almost felt like I wanted to stop there and run off and just analyse this interview as it was THAT good.  But I do need some context, so I guess I’ll press on.  A very positive start there.

Amused once again by generating a 46Mb recording of the session…and then remembering that the university only gives us 20Mb of storage space.  20Mb.  In 2015.  When I carry an 8Gb and a 16Gb memory sticks with me at all times.  I just want somewhere to back data up that doesn’t dump it in the hands of some sort of capitalist organisation…but since I don’t really have any option, I guess I’ll have to back it up on GDrive.  *sigh*

FIL Conference2015-06-29 11.16.55

A roastingly hot Manchester Monday started the week, in a thankfully cool hotel.  I was attending the Interlend 2015 conference as I’d promised the previous year to come along and run a communication workshop, and was double booked for another conference.  Thus this year I made sure to offer it again.  While it ended up being less a workshop and more a talk (no parallel sessions) I think it went down okay.  There were a few laughs, a few nods and more than one person came up afterwards to say how useful they’d found it.  There’s a half written post about the feedback and reflections from the delegates of that session that I’ll finish off shortly.  You can read my paper below (although without my hand-waving and dramatics, you’re missing out a bit)

I assume those who hated it kept any negative body language very subtle after I revealed how much time I spend observing people and reading their NVC cues.  *grins*  One of my old staff from a previous job was present, but somehow managed to ever avoid catching my eye…despite my best efforts to say hello.  Never mind, she was probably lost in deep conversation with the other interlenders there.

Surprisingly, given ILL isn’t my field any more, it was a really enjoyable day out – and a tip of my hat to the organisers.  I did come away at the end of the day re-writing the final workshop in my head a bit…but that’s just me.  Even enjoyed the tour around the refurbished Manchester Public Library.  Like Birmingham only more intimate and less of a white elephant methinks.  Also has lovely a/c in its vault where I could have spent the day hiding from the heat outside.

Bit of a monumental conference for me as it marks the last one I’m supposed to attend before submitting my PhD, at least according to my internal assessor.  Makes me sad, but I guess I really do have to focus.  Of course were I to be approached to go speaking somewhere…well that’s a different matter altogether…


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