A Wee Field Work Update

Following on from the last blog I’ve been pretty much full time on the publication/dissemination praxis interviews and transcriptions .  Insights on those to follow at some point, once I dive in – it is a very rich data set and it’s given me a lot to think about.  In the meanwhile, here’s the current completed interviews scores on the doors:

Min/Max completed %age

  • Academics: 100%/75% [2 still pending possibles]
  • Activists: 200%/133% [Success beyond success]
  • Funders: 333%/167% [Wow. Very surprised with the positive engagement]
  • Governmental: 50/20% [If all the ones I’ve got pending respond, I’ll be well over 100%]
  • Learned societies:  140%/70% [2 still pending possibles]
  • Publishers: 140%/70% [2 still pending possibles]

Rather a poor response to my second wave of invites to academics, which is a bit frustrating but can’t say I’m surprised with it being August.  I may have made the lower threshold of my target but I would like a few more just top off the process.  Might have to send out a 3rd wave of invites perhaps, and maybe a few folks will reply when they get back from hols?  If they do, I’ll be only too happy to talk to them!

However, that said my activist case study interviews and funders have more than made up for it.  As for the rest, as I’ve passed the minimum of my targets I might be able to call it a day.  I’ll see if any of the possible ones do happen after all, as that’d be a nice bit of icing on the cake.

Think I should be done with the active collection stage come 1st week of Sept (on target) and the transcriptions at the same time.  Which means Sept becomes analysis and writing month.  Oh, and reading the backlog of papers I’ve got…

Oh for the record I’ve managed to take a slightly longer annual holiday this year in the last few weeks – 4 whole nights away rather than 3 (to Leiden in the Netherlands, it was great, I want to move there!).  Although two of the days were over the weekend so that perhaps cuts it down.  One day when I have a job again I dream of having a whole week’s holiday…


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