Job Hunting: Ready, Willing & Able

I may need to wear a wig
I may need to wear a wig it seems

So.  As discussed in earlier posts I find myself this September sans employment thanks to my university’s rather half-baked policy that doesn’t let it employ final year students, despite the fact that it acknowledges that I need to find work to support myself.  And with my AHRC funding at an end it’s more crucial than ever that I find some thing part-time that lets me complete my studies, but still brings in a few pounds.

Thus I’m now looking for some part-time work that won’t interfere with my studies too much, might give me some additional useful real-world experience and which at the same time won’t be too soul destroying.  Frankly, the latter two options are negotiable though.  I have applied for two posts in recent months that I never heard back from (which was a bit soul destroying, as for one of them I met/exceeded all the criteria), but now I’m really going to be looking long and hard and getting a few/low more applications off.

Thankfully my CV is up to date, and I’m able to rejig it for various jobs.  Slightly worried with my years of experience that I might end up on the over-qualified pile for some applications.  But that’s not going to stop me.  I’ve set up a load of alerts on Indeed for job-key words that might be right up my street, and now I just need to get back into the saddle of writing applications.  I hate writing them (I doubt anyone actually enjoys it), but I can generally crank one out in an evening (although two evenings sees a more polished production).  Of course I am left with the quandary that should I blitz applications and send out dozens to every job I’m even slightly willing to consider, or should I be much more selective?

Sir! Sir! I think I saw a .2FTE research role over there in the long grass
Sir! Sir! I think I saw a .2FTE research role over there in the long grass

Then there’s the sectors – do I only look at jobs in HE/FE or do I cast my net wider?  Should I go back and work in retail once more (fun fact: one of the single most enjoyable jobs I ever did was as an assistant floor manager at a popular DIY store).  Of course Mrs Llama thought it’d be amusing to suggest I go work for Apple – which given my love of OS and issues over the walled-garden of Apple led to following hypothetical interview discussion appearing in my head:

Interviewer “So tell me what you think about Apple and our wonderful products?”
Mr Llama “Well for a start they’re over priced, you seem to have adopted the classic capitalist strategy of achieving maximum valorisation of product along the lines described by Edward de Bernese in his classic work embracing Freud’s methods of psychoanalytical manipulation.  Secondly, you have a corporate ethos that is resplendent in protectionism and increasing enclosure of materials that should ideally be progressing towards the public domain.  Thirdly your O/S looks slick and clean, but in the same way appears to be designed for children who are happy for you to lock down the maximum level of functionality away from the users themselves.  Fourthly…why am I in the street outside the shop now?”
Apple-sucks-right-nowSo…maybe not Apple then.  May have to swallow my green-socialist values if I’m to keep the Wife in shoes and food I suspect at some point, but there’s only so far my ethics will bend, and there are going to be some orgaisations I just won’t be able to even consider working for.  Although I say that now at the start of the hunt, how long my ethics will stand up to being very, very broke…well there’s the rub.
In the meantime I’ll keep looking, and hopefully something will turn up.  Suggestions of where to look and what to apply for are always welcomed in the comments

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