It’s been a while, but you can be sure I’ve been working away behind the scenes.  In no particular order.

  • Career: Applying for part-time employment & subsequently attending an interview (which as I’ve heard nothing, I’m assuming I didn’t get).  I can confirm I still hate writing job applications, but at least I can write them fairly quickly.
  • 2015-09-30 10.08.58Field Work: Finishing off my last research interviews and getting them all transcribed (can’t believe I’m done with data capture for the PhD now!).  3 months work to produce this pile of transcripts shown.  Yep, there’s summer 2015 in a nutshell for me.
  • Publishing: Reading around and revising my journal article following the second round of peer review (took longer than I thought).  Next up, debate with the editor over the licence terms for the journal!
  • Examining: Attending my assessment board in my role as an External Examiner and writing my annual report for the university (took slightly less time than I thought)
  • Poster: Creating a poster for my Santander funded trip in June to Austria (a requirement of my funding. Took a LOT longer than I’d banked on to create and get printed).  I have to make an appearance next week at a related event with the funders
  • Lecturing: Sorting out my end of contract details with NTU (slow) and dealing with the sudden disappearance of my staff account (no warning, gee thanks, glad there wasn’t anything too important in there!).  Really, really missing being part of the teaching team at NTU already, and still pissed off about this whole issue.  *sulks*
  • AHRC: Dealing with the end of my studentship, and realising how even more broke I am now until I find a job.
  • Rail card: 60 miles and three visits to campus before I could get everything I needed sorted for the rail card to the satisfaction of the East Midlands Trains staff.  Felt far, far from impressed with their attitude, customer service and communication abilities.  But it’s my last ‘young’ person’s railcard I’ll ever have, and it’s all mine finally!  Graduate School staff meanwhile – impressively good!
  • Analysis: Started (as of today) working on the coding framework for my field work.  This hopefully won’t take quite as long as before, although I may have to reteach myself bits of NVivo that have gone rusty in my head after 18 months.
  • Stress: Pretty much 24/7 now – stressing over money, writing up, finding a job and just dealing with the day to day delights of the isolated life of a humanities researcher.

And of course today, today marks 365 days before the end of my PhD.  I can (and hope to) finish sooner than this – but 30th Sept 2016 is my final submission day.  That means very much so from this point forward the clock is ticking more than ever.  Fingers crossed I can juggle making ends meet and writing up everything before then!  Wish me luck!


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