Doctor WHeasel lives!

Finally, I’ve set up a WordPress site for my Doctor WHeasel audio adventures.  Since we’ve just been recommissioned for a second year of shows, I thought it was high time I used something better than the YouTube somewhat shonky playlist feature to group things together.

You can visit the site at: or by clicking the preview image below.  Enjoy!




People standing, by Nilson Menezes 2009In what probably is the least surprising and heralded event of the year I finally submitted my papers to CILIP today to put myself forward for election onto CILIP Council from 2011 (aka Trustee) .  Over the next few weeks I’ll talk a little bit more about why I’m standing, and what I hope potentially to achieve from it.  I’ll also talk about some of the other candidates I know are standing and why you shouldn’t just vote for me, but vote for them as well.

Although, personal feelings aside, hope if you’re a CILIP member reading this – even if you don’t vote for me, that you still vote for someone in the election!  Turnout is never especially high and it would be nice if this year we could have a real voter drive!  Your vote(s) will really make a big difference to future of our very own professional body.

In the meantime I’d like to publicly thank Dan, Paul, Jon, Katie, Margaret and Alison for having the faith in me and agreeing to be my nominators.  I really appreciate it folks, and I hope I can count on your votes at the very least (and if not, well perhaps there’s a nice wooden spoon I can look into acquiring).

And don’t forget to use the #votallama hash tag if you’re talking about the election and my own part in it.  I doubt it’ll ever trend, but you never know!  An archive of the tweets can be found here.